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    Online Office, Collaboration and Sharing

    CubeDrive delivers enterprise solutions for organizations looking to retain control of their data while gaining the collaboration, mobility and security of their own private cloud.

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Your Secure, Affordable Cloud

It is your organization private cloud. You control all of your organization security data. All applications are running on your organization dedicated server. YOUR business gets YOUR cloud at YOUR price

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Online Spreadsheet and Editor

Create documents with the CubeDrive applications you know and trust, save them in your own cloud, and then edit and collaborate with your team in real time using CubeDrive Online office.

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Open Source Calendar

CubeDrive MyCalendar is an ExtJS-based calendar widget for visualizing time-based events. It is capable of rendering dynamic, calendar-style views of event data from JSON data.

This Is the Cloud Every Organization Needs

CubeDrive provides effortless collaboration inside and outside your organization.

CubeDrive private cloud solutions includes online office (Spreadsheet, Editor), online event (Calendar), social network, sharing and collaboration. Huge amounts of information are now available to employees in the office and on the road. CubeDrive brings increased productivity and puts the many other benefits of cloud computing within the reach of every business big and small. CubeDrive cloud also saves training costs because it's intuitive user interface makes it is easy for everyone to learn and use.

CubeDrive Private Cloud

CubeDrive News

ISI Emerging Markets selects EnterpriseSheet Solution as their EMISPRO Analytical Workspace

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