Data Workflow

Data workflow platform

CubeDrive is a data platform based on online spreadsheet and workflow, it includes the following abilities:

  • Configure sheet columns and auto generate custom form to collect data
  • Set workflow to manage input data
  • Manipulate data with Excel-like functions
  • Share, sync edit and online chat
  • Data security and mobility

Sync edit, sharing and mobility

With CubeDrive, anyone in your team can work together in the same spreadsheet at the same time. Your team can share files, edit in real time, chat and comment together from different devices. CubeDrive can be easily installed in your organization server to guarantee your data security.

Start data with templates

Choose from a list of existing templates and general pre-defined online spreadsheet file - all designed to make your work that much easier.

Public Cloud Solution
Organize and share your data in the cloud
Private Cloud Solution
Download, install and run CubeDrive in your server

EnterpriseSheet Integrate Solution

EnterpriseSheet provides an integrate solution to build your business' online spreadsheet. It brings a business intelligence solution for your raw data in your secure way.

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