Business Process

Business Process Automation Simplified

CubeDrive is an intelligent BPM software which allows customers to create dynamic form-based applications and apply their business logic with workflow quickly and easily.

Allowing business users to model, design, deploy and analyze their daily business activities in a fast way. CubeDrive helps companies be more productive and better visibility.

Create Form

Create dynamic forms with more than 20 data types from scratch in a intuitive drag and drop way. Enable data collection anywhere, anytime, on any device with media-rich and error-free forms.

Apply Workflow

With CubeDrive business and application workflow, you can easily apply your data-driven decisions to your project or application based on your needs. CubeDrive Workflow Builder's drag-and-drop interface enables you to add logic and create custom business process quickly.

Data analyze, track and approve

You can acess your form, track the process and approve the result easily with CubeDrive system.

You can also analyze and collaborate your data with powerful online spreadsheet functionality, share and manager your organziation files easily.

Cloud Solution
Organize and share your data in the cloud
On-premises Solution
Download, install and run CubeDrive in your server

EnterpriseSheet Integrate Solution

EnterpriseSheet provides an integrate solution to build your business' online spreadsheet. It brings a business intelligence solution for your raw data in your secure way.

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